Thank you to the following publications, editors and judges who recognized my work.

The pieces have been sorted into categories and are in chronological order, starting with the most recently published.


Creative Features:

Where I Create/Write“: Rogue Agent 8 (2015), in which I provide a snapshot of my writing life and its whereabouts.


Book Reviews:

On Tracey Knapp’s Mouth: “‘Look Where That Has Gotten Me’: The Potential Self-Awareness & Honesty of Poetry: Reading Tracey Knapp’s Mouth,The Rumpus (2015)

On Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom: “We Could Do Better, You and I: Ecology, Design and Poetry: Reading Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom“, The Rumpus (2015)



          On Mental Health:

What We Should Learn from This Employer’s Response to a Worker’s Mental Health Day“: Motherly (July 2017)

          On Music:

Songs in the Mirror“: Memoir Mixtapes (July 2018)