“Grab’n’Go” Marketing Starter Package


Imagine only having to dedicate one day per month to your marketing plans, and freeing up the rest of your time for what matters. The Marketing Starter Package will provide you with all of the content and template plans you will need to plan all of your marketing content a month in advance!



Welcome to the Marketing Starter Package! 

In this package, you will receive: 

Customizable Copy

  • writer’s portfolio
  • author bio
  • social media and blog

Suggested Templates

  • writer’s profile
  • social media
  • images
  • work materials, such as invoices and resumes

Tips & Tricks

  • brand-friendly image tips
  • where to source images
  • how to use the same subject for your content all week long
  • how to customize your content across multiple platforms and save time

MUCH MORE, including:

  • an adaptable social media calendar

I want you to be able to sit down once or twice a month to plan out ALL of the content you’re going to need for the next month. Imagine only having to dedicate one day of the month to that marketing responsibility, scheduling everything, and then being able to forget about it? While growing a quality readership!

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