Write around the Bend (WRB)

Hi friends! I’m sure many of you who follow me here on my author website also know about Write around the Bend (WRB), which is a creative organization that I launched in January 2016 in South Bend, Indiana. Long story short, WRB isn’t officially on a “break,” but I’m going back to basics and reconsidering what WRB will be. I found out the hard way that I was putting far too much work on myself and was finding little success in anything that I was attempting, so I’m going back to the things that I know that I love and want to grow: my writing, writing book reviews, freelancing, and growing WRB from writing prompts and community inspiration—and slowly expanding into other areas, but slowly this time, rather than taking on five avenues at once, on my own.

Someday WRB will be a thriving, large, beautiful organization. I can feel it. But for now, just watch for our Youtube channel, and join our community for our writing prompts, and the occasional local Write Out. But we’ll take our time and let the heart grow fond where it grows.

Thanks, all. <3