August Poetry Postcard Fest!!

by | Aug 1, 2014 | Blog, My Writing Challenges


A writing challenge! For the month of August, I will be writing a poem each day as a part of the August Poetry Postcard Fest. Unfortunately, I will not be an official part of the Fest this year, so I’m adjusting the rules a little bit, as far as sharing goes.

The rules are simple. You’re expected to purchase enough postcards to write on one per day throughout the month of August, write a poem each day (anywhere from a line to filling up the whole back of the card), and mail it out the next day to the next writer on the list (the idea is that you send to 30 different writers over the course of the month, and read 30 poems from different writers).

I’m going to share my poems each day here—posting a picture of the postcard I’ve filled, with the poem typed exactly as it’s written. As a part of the project, I will not be revising the poems until the month’s end, so the occasional wacky line or word choice is likely, and welcomed.

Looking forward to posting each day for the project, and looking forward to hearing your feedback!!


August 2014 Postcard Project