Book Adaptations

“Successful Woman’s Secret Won’t Stay Buried in New Netflix Film”

On Netflix’s Film Adaptation of Jessica Knoll’s Luckiest Girl Alive

BookTrib, October 2022


"A Fairy Tale Worthy of a King"

On Stephen King’s Fairy Tale

September 2022

A Striking Portrayal of Mother-Daughter Duo Versus the California Reich"

On Susan Elia MacNeal’s Mother Daughter Traitor Spy

September 2022

“Delicate Short Story Collection Celebrates Childhood Memories Left Behind”

On Jo Ann Kiser’s The Guitar Player and Other Songs of Exile

BookTrib, October 2022

“Fresh Start Found in Unlikely Business Venture Between Childhood Frenemies”

On Carol Rhee’s Joint Venture

BookTrib, October 2022

“How Many Lives Can One Woman Save in This Charming Equestrian Thriller"

On Betty Briggs’ Pressure Point

September 2022

“We’ll Never Know What We’re Leaving Behind"

On Claire Fuller’s Swimming Lessons

September 2021

Lyric Essay & Memoir

“Geena Davis Rises Like a Phoenix from the Ashes of Dangerous Politeness"

On Geena Davis’s Dying of Politeness

BookTrib, October 2022

“Laughter Truly Is the Best Medicine in This Smart Collection on Aging and Grace"

On Susan Goldfein’s Laughing My Way through the 3rd Stage: Selected Essays that Skewer the Golden Years

October 2022


“Preparing the Way for My Daughter through Books”

On Lori Day’s Her Next Chapter: How Mother-Daughter Book Clubs Can Help Girls Navigate Malicious Media, Risky Relationships, Girl Gossip, and So Much More

May 2021

Personal Development & Mindset

“Learn to Take Control of Your Brain and ‘Override’ Sabotaging Behaviors"

On Connell Cowan and David Kipper’s OVERRIDE: Discover Your Brain Type, Why You Do What You Do, and How to Do It Better

October 2022

“Succeed in Your Career with ‘How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely"

On McKenna Sweazey’s How to Win Friends and Manage Remotely

August 2022


“Grief as Meditation, Grief as Art: Reading Meg Day’s Last Psalm at Sea Level"

On Meg Day’s Last Psalm at Sea Level

November 2014

“The Phobia, the Philia, and the Altered Persona"

On Jessica Piazza’s Interrobang

September 2021

“The Snapping Open of a Valve/A Bird’s Egg"

On Kerrin McCadden’s Landscape with Plywood Silhouettes

May 2021

Short Fiction & Novellas

“The Color Spectrum of Mood & Mind in Dreams"

On Kyle Muntz’s Green Lights

April 2021

Theory & Nonfiction

"Road to Understanding The Bahamas Paved in Historical and Agricultural Guide"

On Godfrey Eneas’ Road to Bahamaland: The Story of the New Bahamas

BookTrib, October 2022

YA (Young Adult) Literature