Book Strategist

What IS a Book Strategist?

I think I cooked this title up, truth be told, but no title has ever felt more true to what I do.

My work as a Book Strategist is meant for writers who are becoming, or have already become, authors. Some of these services can, and do, translate over to writers are “emerging,” whether in the sense of being new or without a published work yet—and that’s why there is a whole separate page of services, just for them. If you are a passionate writer, but you are not in the process of publishing, please see my Services for Emerging Writers page.

I split these pages up, because the emerging writer and the published writer need very different things from me. The emerging writer may need inspiration, or tips on where to send their first poem or pitch, or a walk-through on how to set up their online portfolio. They may not even be “emerging” in the sense that they are new to this or even “young,” but they’re in a different place than the published author. The published author has to continue being a writer, while also tackling all the new facets of marketing, juggling a book or trilogy, etc., but also—and this is the tough one—continuing to be an author to the public eye.

Which is where I come in! I am the Strategist who stands behind you and makes all the wheels turn at the right time: when to publish, how to market, when to remind the public that you are still breathing writing.

Below, I’ve listed just the categories that I offer. You can mix-n-match these services, or use all of them, however much you feel you need to each month. We can also discuss a la cart options, and differing hours. If you’re ready to hand some of these tasks over to someone else, so you can focus more on the actual writing, I’ll see you over on the Connect page.

What I Offer

Outlining / Planning of Novels, or Ordering of Poetry / Short Stories

Book Design and Cover Design

Editing of Every Kind

Publishing Strategy

Marketing Strategy

Blog / Book Tours, Readings, Etc.

Social Media Management

Online Author Presence

Audience Engagement

Steps for Next Book / Project