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Craft and Creative Writing

“Where I’m Writing From—"


August 2021

“Where I Create/Write”

Rogue Agent 8, in which I provide a snapshot of my writing life and its whereabouts


Copywriting, Digital Marketing, and Freelance Writing

Entertainment (Film, TV, Music, Sports)

Food, Travel, and Culture

“Raining on the Day of the Final Storm"

Mediterranean and Me 

August 2021

“First Try! I Made Hurmašice!"

Mediterranean and Me 

February 2021

“It Felt Like a Gulaš Kind of Day"

Mediterranean and Me

May 2021

Lead Columnist of Local Tourism for Malinska Online

“Corona Pizza; Malinska Online Reviews"

Mediterranean and Me and Malinska Online 

July 2022

Mental Health, Mindset, and Motivation

Parenting, Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Family

“Coronavirus and Pregnancy: How Women Giving Birth in 2020 With Redefine Motherhood"

Her Journal: interviewed and responses featured RE: cancellation of important life events, social distancing, appointment complications, birth plans, and mental health

March 2020