For Emerging Writers

Welcome to my fellow passionate people!

The services I have included on this page—the services through which I started my career—are meant specifically for aspiring and emerging writers. Aspiring writers are those who aspire to write; they may still be figuring out their genre or favorite topics, or even how to write, but they know this is something they have a passion for. Emerging writers have those areas figured out, but they still be unclear on how to move from emerging to established, or they may not feel ready to get that first book out yet. If you are past these steps, or already have a book out, you’ll want to preview the services on my Book Strategist page, which are more extensive and fine-tuned for where you are as an author.

Honestly, I love working with both groups of writers. As a Book Strategist, I love helping authors figure out how to move through the limelight without losing their passion and edge as a writer. But with “younger” writers, those aspiring and emerging, I love watching them figure things out, study new subjects, answer their questions, and find their footing in their own literary community. For many, I’ve had the joy of watching them grow from the aspiring writer who wasn’t sure they could fill a whole notebook with ideas, ever, to one of the authors in town that everyone was tracking in anticipation of the next installment to their trilogy.

That’s the image I want to leave you with for now. Whether you’re just poking around, deciding if this is for you, or if you’re simply looking for ways to grow in this industry, you can be that renowned poet or acclaimed author with a New York Times bestseller. Below are some of the services I offer that will help get you there. If you are interested in working together, or have questions, I’ll be waiting over on the Connect page!

Online Presence

I have assisted many writers in the creation of a portfolio and/or other online space (i.e., a blog or website) where they share their craft and interest. This has also been extended to social media, Pinterest, and LinkedIn presence.


This can be any form of editing you need—content, format, proofreading, line-editing, etc. I offer this service in all of its iterations for all genres.

Creative Consultations

I provide creative consultations for poetry and short story collections (and the occasional one-off poem or short story), complete with line-editing, formatting and ordering of the collection, content and persona suggestions, an overall critique of the body of work, and suggestions of where to submit once edited.

Writing Coach

I offer Prompts, Inspiration, Reading Suggestions, Where to Submit and Pitch, How to Handle Rejection (and Acceptance), Build a Portfolio and Online Presence, How to Get Involved in the Literary Community, What to Study (i.e., MFA), etc. etc. etc.

Writers’ Workshops

I have offered, in the past, writers’ workshops for K12 students, college students who are interested in studying writing, emerging writers who are still establishing themselves in their literary communities, and topic-focused workshops for those who have served our country.