Marketing Starter Package

What Difference Would It Make To Your Writing Life If Your Marketing Was Planned For You?

Talk to me for a minute about your writing life. What is the hardest part of that life for you? 

Is it really having to face the blank page? Is it your worry that you won’t be good enough? 

Or is it something else that doesn’t feel writing-related at all? 

Because, I’ll tell you, FOR ME, the hardest part about writing is sharing it. 

It isn’t finding time to sit down at my desk. It isn’t revising what I’ve written, or even sending it out for consideration. 

It’s keeping up with social media, my blog, emails and newsletters—everything that goes into making my writing profile MY BRAND. 

Some days, it feels like I’m having to put more energy into creating the story of my brand… than the stories I’m writing in my novels, articles, and poems! 

And that is NOT how marketing should feel. 

Marketing IS one more thing on your plate; I won’t cover that up. Marketing is a major responsibility in creating your presence online. 

But it shouldn’t be something that feels huge and insurmountable. You shouldn’t have to dread it or fear you’re doing it wrong or even put MORE time into it than the work you’re trying to market. 

So I’ll ask you: 

What if there was a way for you to still do all of your marketing… but to do it faster? Do it simpler?

What if I said I had just the thing you needed? (Because, shhhh!, I do!)

In this Marketing Starter Package I’ve created, you will have everything you need to get started in marketing your work as a PROFITABLE side-hustle or full-blown business.

We’re talking email templates, content for blogs and websites, countless ideas to fill out your social media accounts (even if you’re using several)… and so much more (including an adaptable social media calendar and brand-friendly image tips)! 

I want you to be able to sit down once or twice a month to plan out ALL of the content you’re going to need for the next month. Imagine only having to dediate one day of the month to that marketing responsibility, scheduling everything, and then being able to forget about it? 

The stress of marketing would go away!

All you’d have to worry about is talking to your readers when they comment on one of your posts or send you an email about how much they loved your book.

And trust me, with more consistent branding and posting, your readership will grow in no time. And your favorite readers will be glued to you and your next book, just like those two coffee cups… 

Check out the Marketing Starter Package now: 

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