Author Interviews:

“Telling Our Truths: A Conversation with Shaindel Beers,” The Rumpus (February 2019): link

Book Reviews:

“On K. Arsenault Rivera’s The Phoenix Empress,” BookPage (December 2018): link

On Tracey Knapp’s Mouth: “‘Look Where That Has Gotten Me’: The Potential Self-Awareness & Honesty of Poetry: Reading Tracey Knapp’s Mouth,” The Rumpus (2015): link

On Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom: “We Could Do Better, You and I: Ecology, Design and Poetry: Reading Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom,” The Rumpus (2015): link

For a more complete list of all the book reviews and author interviews I’ve conducted, you can view them here, for a more comprehensive look at the genres I’ve covered.

Creative Features:

“Where I Create/Write,” Rogue Agent 8 (2015), in which I provide a snapshot of my writing life and its whereabouts: link


On Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Freelance Writing:

“Running Out of Ideas? Here’s How to Uncover Topics Related to Your Passion,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (August 2018): link

“How to Include SEO While Keeping Your Writer’s Brain Happy: Avoiding ‘Dumbing Down’ Your Writing Style While Accommodating SEO,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (July 2018): link

“Get Your Work Out There Like a Persistent Facebook Advertisement: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (July 2018): link

On Environmentalism:

“Watch Shark Week for Fun. Do These Five Things to Make a Difference.,” Medium (July 2018): link

On Mental Health:

“What We Should Learn from This Employer’s Response to a Worker’s Mental Health Day,” Motherly (July 2017): link

On Music:

“Songs in the Mirror,” Memoir Mixtapes (July 2018): link

On Sports:

“What Coming in 2nd Means to Croatia: The Wild and Heart-Warming Receipt of Their Finals-Placing Team Said More about Croatian Heart than Winning Ever Could.,” Medium (July 2018): link