A more complete C.V./Resume is available. This is meant to act as more of a snapshot of my work and education history. Thanks!

Please see Publications for Poems and Book Reviews published, as well as Honorable Mentions and past Events and Readings.

Teaching Appointments (reverse-chronological order):

Indiana University South Bend: 2015: Instructor of Composition: 1 Semester: Introductory Composition

Western Michigan University: 2012-2015: Graduate Teaching Assistant/Instructor: 6 Semesters: Introductory Composition

Indiana University South Bend: 2008-2012: Peer Mentor: 7 Semesters: Educational Psychology, Introductory Composition, Threshold Course for Students Admitted on Probationary Status

Indiana University South Bend/School of Education: 2007-2012: Completed more than 800 hours of student teaching, volunteering, and assisting in K12 classrooms for English, Literature, Creative Writing, Drama, Social Studies, and Special Needs.

Other Relevant Employment History (reverse-chronological order):

Western Michigan University/New Issues Poetry and Prose: Layout and Design Editor, 2 years

Western Michigan University/Third Coast: Associate Poetry Editor, 3 years

Western Michigan University/New Issues Poetry and Prose: Volunteered to read submissions, 4 years

Indiana University South Bend/42 Miles Press: Managing Editor, 2 years

Indiana University South Bend/Analecta (in-house publication): Volunteered to read submissions, 1 year

Education (reverse-chronological order):

Western Michigan University, M.F.A. in Poetry, 4.0 GPA

Indiana University South Bend, B.A. in English, Concentration in Writing, 4.0 GPA

Indiana University South Bend, B.S. in Secondary English Education, Minor in Psychology, 3.8 GPA, Indiana Teaching License up for renewal

Relevant Coursework (divided into degrees):  

Western Michigan University / MFA in Poetry:
English-6690: Methods of Teaching College Writing
English-6660: Graduate Poetry Workshop, with William Olsen (2 semesters)
English-6660: Graduate Poetry Workshop, with Nancy Eimers (3 semesters)
English-6100: Poetry/Literary Forms: Ecopoetics with William Olsen
English-6110: Fiction/Literary Forms: Flash Fiction with Thisbe Nissen
English-6660: Graduate Fiction Workshop, with Thisbe Nissen
English-6420: Playwriting/Literary Forms: Studies in Drama (Tony Kushner), with Steve Feffer
English-5980: Graduate Playwriting Workshop, with Steve Feffer
English-6990: MFA Thesis Hours (2 semesters/courses)

Indiana University South Bend / BA in English
English-T191: World and Literary Traditions (Intro to Theory Course)
English-W131: Introductory Composition
English-L202: Literary Interpretation
English-W270: Argumentative Writing
English-A190: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity (Poetry), with David Dodd Lee
English-W203: Introduction to Creative Writing, with David Dodd Lee
English-L379: American, Ethnic, and Minority Literature
English-W231: Professional/Business Writing
English-L376: Literature for Adolescents
English/Theatre-T115: Oral Interpretation (How to “Perform” A Text)
English-E304: Classic Literature, 1900s to Present
English-W303: Writing Poetry, Workshop with David Dodd Lee
English-W350: Advanced Expository Writing
English-G205: Intro to the English Language (Linguistics)
English-T190: Everybody’s Irish: A Study of Leslie Marmon Silko and Sherman Alexie
English-A399: Art, Aesthetics and Creativity (Visual Poetry), with David Dodd Lee
English-W280: Editing and Publishing, with David Dodd Lee
English-L350: Early American Literature and Writing, to 1800s
English-L381: Recent/Contemporary and Cultural Writing (Short Fiction)
English-W250: Writing in Context
English-E302: Literature in English, 1600-1800
English-E303: Literature in English, 1800-1900
English-L222: Advanced Literary Criticism
English-L450: Seminar: British and American Authors
English-T190: Literary and Intellectual Traditions (Studying Women in Comics), with Clayton T. Michaels
English-W513: Graduate Poetry Workshop (passed evaluation to take graduate workshop as an undergraduate)

Indiana University South Bend / BS in Secondary Education, Minor in Psychology
Education-F100: Introduction to Teaching, class and field
Education-W200: Using Computers in Education
Education-P250: Educational Psychology
Education-H340: Education and American Culture
Education-K200: Introduction to Practical Special Education, class and field
Education-K205: Introduction to Exceptional Children, class and field
Education-F401: Topical (English) Explorations in Education, class and field
Education-F201: Explore Personal Demands of Teaching, class and field
Education-M401: General Requirements of MS/HS Teachers, class and field
Education-K306: Teaching Special Needs Students in Content Area Classroom
Education-M464: Methods of Teaching Reading
Education-X470: Psycholinguistics of Teaching Reading
Education-P407: Psychological Assessment in the Schools
Education-P475: Adolescent Development and Classroom Management
Education-M412: Teaching Writing in Middle and Secondary Schools, class and field
Education-M452: Methods of Teaching Middle and High School Writing, class and field
Education-P407: Assessment in the Schools
Education-M480: Teaching in Secondary Schools, class and field
Education-M420: Student Teaching Seminar, required 10 weeks of student teaching to earn license, taught for 13 weeks

Indiana University South Bend / Minor in Psychology
Psychology-P103: General Psychology
Psychology-B399: Human Behavior and Societal Institutions: Suicide and Depression
Psychology-P324: Abnormal Psychology
Psyhcology-P220: Drugs and Behavior
Psychology-P211: Methods of Experimental Psychology
Psychology-focused courses in Education also contributed to the Minor.



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