“(Book)Mark Your Spot”: Your Personalized Marketing Plan


You can come out as the Book on Top when you create the right marketing plan for your book and your genre. In 72 hours, I will create a social media and website plan for you that spans the next three months. With all of this personalized content, you will see a significant rise in your audience’s engagement, more book sales, and all of your time returned that you’ve lost to trying to promote your passion.



I’ve worked in the literary industry for ten years, working closely with writers, editors, and entire literary press houses. In that decade, I’ve identified one unjustified, heartbreaking truth:

Writers and editors are truly terrible about consistently promoting themselves.

Some believe sharing their work is too “salesy” and are suspicious that it cheapens their work.

Others don’t see the value in promoting their work, viewing it as a waste of time, so they don’t prioritize it.

Some believe they don’t have time to fit it in, so they don’t.

But what ends up happening? All of these amazing writers and presses post infrequently… Their readers stop checking in… They stop making sales…

So of COURSE they don’t see the point of promoting their work.

But there’s a better way. 

With consistent posting, aligned content, and persistent engagement with interested readers, presses and writers will see an increase in their readership and in their book sales.

I have created a marketing package, specifically tailored to writers who need a boost in their marketing and small literary presses hoping to increase their book sales.

In 72 hours, you will have three months’ worth of content, specifically for your website / blog and Facebook business page. I will generate, write, and edit all of the needed content, find and create images, and schedule those posts for you.

Included, also, will be a PDF calendar of all the content I’ve created and a list of additional subjects and important dates you may want to include in your strategy during that 3-month timeframe (with suggestions of how to do so, of course!).

By providing this marketing package for you, not only do I plan to increase your readership and book sales, but I also want the following for you:

  • I want you to give you the time back that you’ve had to spend on marketing (more time for the things that matter most in your life, like your writing or spending time with your family).
  • I want to provide you with incredibly consistent marketing, so your readers are not only interested in what you’re saying, but they also know they can rely on you.

72 hours . . . and you could have a completely new outlook on marketing your passion. 

Please Note: This Personalized Marketing Plan covers three months of content for your Facebook Page and your blog / website. Please connect with me if you would like to add on any of the other following features:

  • Content for three months for ALL social media platforms
  • Fully written, edited, and optimized blog posts (1 post per week or 1 post biweekly, for the duration of three months)
  • Audience engagement on all included platforms for three months
  • An ongoing subscription! This package includes your first three months content, and a subscription would guarantee you continued content for every month that you subscribe for after.

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