Psychology & Wine

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Blog, My Poems

(I apologize in advance; this poem needs a lot of work.)

Psychology & Wine


At first, when she was nervous, the girl
peeled the skin from the back
of her heels—nibbled her lips,


until they were nothing but pulled
onions, the pale moons surrounded
by red clouds. Lunar landscapes.

Created in silence.


These were the things she did not leave
out in the open. Instead, for you,
there was a sort of scarecrow

mingling with the weeds

alongside the mailbox. Its size
more so related to a doll’s,
the eyes, the lips, all stitches


in too much sunlight, staring
as if telling you there was mail,
as if telling you there wasn’t mail,



Your final solution: the secrets of skin
in a painting. The stars, their age and paling
into duller shades.

Then: the skin of her arms, her neck,

captured on canvas,
trees and blankets, combined.
Her hair turned green, turned blue

with sunlight, the white of her skin
shining like alcohol,
the secrets:

more destitute when shown.