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Copywriting, Digital Marketing, and Freelance Writing:

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Entertainment (Film, TV, Music, Sports):

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Food, Travel, and Culture:

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Mental Health:

“How Shifting My To-Do List to Gratitude Reduced My Stress,” POPSUGAR (June 2020): link

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Parenting, Motherhood, Pregnancy, and Family

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“Why My Husband and I Are Missing Date Night During the Pandemic,” POPSUGAR (July 2020): link

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Additional Unpublished Essays:

On Books:

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On Culture and Travel:

“Interested in Nature’s Musical Instruments? You Have to Go to Croatia for My Favorite One.,” PDF

On Entertainment:

“Finding Chidi: What We Owe to Each Other During a Global Pandemic (according to Chidi Anagonye, The Study of Ethics, and The Good Place),” PDF

“‘Team Cockroach,’ ‘The Soul Squad,’ and God’s Existence: A Study of the First Names of the Main Characters on The Good Place,” PDF

“A Spoiler-Free Guide To The Best Times To Use The Bathroom During Avengers: Endgame Is Finally Here,” PDF

On Feminism, Motherhood, and Women:

“International Women’s Day: Yes, I Love My Fierce Little Girl,” PDF

On Mental Health:

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“Here’s Why Being Self-Critical Is So Dangerous to Your Mental Health,” PDF

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On Writing:

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“What Makes a Good, Professional Blog Post?,” PDF