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Fun Fact! Here are My Top Ten Favorite News Pieces I’ve Written:

This list is coming asap, as I’m updating my list of publications! Thank you for your patience!


I’m updating my list of publications! Thank you for your patience!

June 2020:

“Guy Accused Of ‘Mansplaining’ Vaginas To Female Friend After She Spouts Common Myth About Sex,” Percolately (June 2020): link

“Woman Arrested After Being Caught On Video Rolling Down The Window Of Her Lexus To Pepper Spray Teen Protester,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Caesar The ‘No Drama Llama’ Narrowly Escaped Getting Teargassed By Police At A Black Lives Matter Protest In Portland,” Comic Sands (June 2020): link

“Teen Sparks Family Drama After Calling Out His Incel Brother’s Awful Behavior Towards Women,” Percolately (June 2020): link

“Widower Furious After His Judgmental Sister Tells Their Mom He’s Pursuing A Relationship With His 8-Year-Old Son’s Teacher,” Percolately (June 2020): link

“Woman Furious After Husband Doesn’t Defend Her When His Friend Kicks Her Out Of His House For Wearing Shorts,” Percolately (June 2020): link

“Woman Sparks Drama After Telling Her Sister’s New Boyfriend The Truth About Her Sister’s Past After Finding Out She Lied About It,” Percolately (June 2020): link

“New Dad Sparks Family Drama After Telling His Wife That Her Racist Father Isn’t Welcome Around Their Newborn Son,” Percolately (June 2020): link

May 2020:

“Business Owner Fires Her Sister After Finding Out She’s Been Dragging Her And Revealing All Her Secrets On A Blog,” Percolately (May 2020): link

“Woman Moves Out After Her Stepdad Takes The Door Off Her Bedroom When She Tried To Put A Lock On It,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Refusing To Take In Her Sister After Their Parents Disowned Her For Contracting HIV,” Percolately (May 2020): link

“Connecticut Woman Arrested After Removing Her Face Mask To Spit In Man’s Face For Not Correctly Social Distancing,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Fed Up Dad Lashes Out At His Mother-In-Law For Constantly Reminding Him That He’s Not His Daughter’s Biological Father,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Kicks Her Mom Out Of Her House After Her Mom Criticizes Her For Teaching Her Son ‘Feminist Talk’,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Guy Asks If He’s Wrong For Refusing To Sleep In The Same Bed As His Girlfriend After She Wet The Bed,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Mom Receives An Incredibly Professional Letter Of Complaint From Her 8-Year-Old Son Requesting A Later Bedtime,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Redditor Sparks Drama After Accusing Their Financially-Challenged Friend Of ‘Choosing To Be Poor’,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Dad Clashes With His Wife After She Advises Their Teen Daughter To Make Her Boyfriend Pay For Everything Because It’s ‘Cute’,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Costco Employee Becomes Internet Hero After Taking Customer’s Cart Away For Refusing To Wear A Mask,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Redditor Asks If They’re Wrong For Refusing To Let Their Boyfriend’s Dad Sleep In Their Bed After He Invited Himself Over,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Ryan Seacrest Blames ‘Exhaustion’ Amid Fan Rumors That He Had A Stroke During ‘American Idol’ Finale,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Dad Asks If He’s Wrong For Not Telling His Current Wife That He Had A Vasectomy After His First Marriage,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Mom Sparks Drama After Telling Her Adult Daughter To Get A Job Since She Doesn’t Believe That She Has Depression,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“College Student Furious After His Parents Potentially Cost Him His Grant Money By Opening His Mail And Not Telling Him,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Dad Asks If He’s Wrong For Telling His Son And Daughter-In-Law They Need To Move Out If They Want To Have Another Kid,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Dad Accuses His Wife Of Not Being A ‘Good Mother’ After She Refuses To Breastfeed Their Baby Now That She Bites,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Feels Betrayed After Her Fiancé Jokes With Coworkers About ‘Renewing His Vows’ To His ‘Work Wife,'” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For No Longer Wanting To Help Her Disabled Neighbor After Feeling Taken Advantage Of,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Man Asks If He’s Wrong For Refusing To Give His Niece The Money He Set Aside For Her Education After She Got Pregnant,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Guy Clashes With His Pregnant Girlfriend After She Wants To Get Rid Of Their New Puppy Because She’s ‘Overwhelmed,'” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Guy Asks If It Would Be Wrong To Secretly Spend His Wife’s Inheritance After They Disagree About What It Should Be Used For,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Dad Enrages His Pregnant Wife After Refusing To Take On More Of Her Chores Since They’re ‘Basically Both Pregnant,'” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“New Dad Enraged After His Wife Hands Him Their Newborn Son During His Important Work Presentation And Takes Off,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Bride Asks If She’s Wrong For Forcing Her Mother-In-Law To Buy A New Dress After She Basically Bought A Wedding Dress,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Mom Furious After Husband Wants Her To Help With The Baby After He Promised He’d Be The One To Take Care Of It,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Bride Wonders If She’s Wrong For Asking Bridesmaid To Lose Weight After She ‘Grew Out Of’ The Dress She Bought Her,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Mom Faces Backlash After She Considers Forcing Her Disabled Daughter To End Her Friendship With Another Disabled Girl,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Nearly Breaks Up Her Parents’ Marriage After Using Her Mom’s Phone Number To Start A New Tinder Account,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

“Woman Makes Her Boyfriend Move Out After He Allows His Video Gaming Friends To Constantly Mock Her,” Comic Sands (May 2020): link

April 2020:

“Woman Causes Friction With Husband After She Gives Up Looking For Job To Focus Solely On ‘Getting Pregnant’,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Sparks Drama After Supposedly Upstaging Bride With Her Choice Of Outfit During ‘Virtual Wedding’,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Widow Asks If She’s Wrong For Not Letting Her Young Stepdaughter Stay With Her When She Ran Away From Home,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Parents Spark Drama Within Friendship Circle After Adopting Boy That Their Friend’s Sister Had Tried To Adopt,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Guy Asks If He’s In The Wrong After He Upset His Girlfriend By ‘Shaming’ Her Into Shaving Her Legs,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman’s Husband Threatens To Leave Her After 10 Years Of Marriage If She Gets Another Tattoo,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Kicks Her Brother’s Family Out After Her Sister-In-Law Constantly Shames Her For Not Being A Working Mom,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Who Was Treated Like ‘Black Sheep’ Of Her Family Sparks Drama After Not Inviting Them To Her Wedding,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Guy’s Parents Cut Off Communication After He Refuses To Get Tattoo Of His Deceased Nephew’s Name” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Man Ignites Family Drama After Spilling Secret About His Sister’s Previous Pregnancy In Front Of Her Husband,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Asks If It Would Be Petty To Log Out Of Netflix On The Only Device Her Girlfriend Uses After An Argument,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Pregnant Woman Arrested After Carjacking News Van With Pregnant Atlanta Reporter Inside,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Hatches Duckling After Finding Cracked Egg And Incubating It In Her Cleavage For 35 Days,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Teen’s Parents Have A Meltdown After She Self-Isolates With Her Boyfriend And His Dad Instead Of Them,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Calling Out Her Younger Sisters For Stealing Her Expensive Sanitary Pads While They’re All Cooped Up Together,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Justin Timberlake Irks Parents After Saying Having To Take Care Of His Son 24/7 During Pandemic Is ‘Not Human’,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Blake Lively Is All Of Us After Jokingly Lusting After Husband Ryan Reynolds’ Hunky Personal Trainer On Instagram,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s Being Selfish After Refusing To Honor Her Mom’s Dying Wish Of Giving Her A Grandchild,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Chelsea Handler Just Gave A Tutorial For How To Use A Bra As A Mask, And It Actually Works Surprisingly Well,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Naomi Watts Unleashes Her Inner King Kong During Self-Isolation Meltdown After Several Appliances Break On The Same Day,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Family Gives Their Nurse Mom A Hero’s Welcome Every Time She Comes Home From Work, And It’s Giving Us All The Feels,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Wheelchair User Says She Was Denied Help By Railway Workers Because Of Fears They Might Catch Virus From Her,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Breaks Up With Her Boyfriend For ‘Violating Her Privacy’ After He Uses Security Footage From Their House To Prove A Point About Their Cleaning Habits,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“The Rock Shares His Adorable Daughter’s Favorite Handwashing Song With A Virus-Themed Version Of His ‘Moana’ Rap,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Journalist Who Was Covering The Outbreak In China Has An Emotional Reunion With Her Young Son After 49 Long Days Apart,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Mom Sends Her 3-Year-Old Son Into A Full-Blown Meltdown After Informing Him That He Has A ‘Bum Crack’,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Salon Owner Decides To Stave Off Quarantine Boredom By Giving Her Boyfriend All Sorts Of Hilarious Hairstyles,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s Wrong For Telling Her Pregnant, Disabled Sister And Her Boyfriend They Need To Move Out When Their Baby Is Born,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“The Internet Lays Into ‘Selfish’ Dad After He Punishes His Teen Daughter For Not Charging More To Tutor Her Classmates,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

“Michigan Man Faces Life In Prison After Admitting He’s The Serial ‘Cascade Flasher’ Who’s Been Terrorizing People For Decades,” Comic Sands (April 2020): link

March 2020:

“New York Nurse On Front Lines Of Pandemic Is An Internet Hero After Giving Everyone A Boost With Her Optimistic Attitude,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Angers Her Best Friend After Refunding Money For A Canceled Trip To The Bridesmaid Who Ruined Her Friend’s Wedding,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Clever Guy Uses Drone To Ask Out His Neighbor During Lockdown, And It May Just Be The Love Story Of Our Time,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“California Neighborhood Brings Teen To Tears With Social Distancing Parade Celebrating Her Last Chemo Session,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Who Booked An Entire Row Of Seats On A Crowded Airplane Just For Her Broken Leg Asks If She’s In The Wrong For Not Giving Up The Extra Seats,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Bride Pissed After Her Family Tells Her To ‘Tone Down’ Her Dream Wedding Into A Small Courthouse Ceremony Because Her Sister Was Recently Left At The Altar,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Louisiana Church Under Fire For Hosting Service For 1,800 People Despite Social Distancing Warnings,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Teen Divides The Internet After Angrily Telling His Stepmom She’s Not His ‘Real Mom’ When She Complained About Him Still Being Up At 10PM,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Friend Of 16-Year-Old Nevada Cowgirl Who Mourned Her Death On Facebook Is Now Charged With Her Murder,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“New Mom Upset After Her Husband Spends More Effort On Making Mother’s Day Special For His Own Mom Than On Doing Something Nice For Her,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“White Supremacists Under Investigation For Discussing Plot To Weaponize Virus To Target Law Enforcement And Minorities,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“‘Lost’ Star Daniel Dae Kim Pleads For An End To Racist Attacks Against Asians In Video Confirming He Tested Positive,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Redditor Accused Of Bullying After Excluding ‘Neighborhood Snitch’ And HOA Board Members From Neighborhood BBQ,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Surprises Her Quarantined Grandfather With Her Recent Engagement Through His Nursing Home Window,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“A Young Woman Whose Dad Passed Away When She Was 13 Asked The Internet For Some Fatherly Advice—And They Delivered Big Time,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman’s Landlord Brings Her To Tears With Touching Text Message Of Support Amidst Coronavirus Economic Uncertainty,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Ohio Woman Who Is Recovering From COVID-19 Posts Sobering Wake-Up Call About Her Ordeal To Those Not Taking The Outbreak Seriously,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Ohio Restaurant Patron Brings Staff To Tears After Leaving $2,500 Tip To Help Them Out During Coronavirus Closure,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Michigan Woman Sentenced After Defrauding More Than 100 Would-Be Parents In Massive Adoption Scam,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Dad Furious After His 5-Year-Old Daughter Ruins Collector Barbie Doll That Belonged To His Now-Deceased Sister,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Man Asks If He’s Wrong For Refusing To Let His Deceased Wife’s Parents See Their Grandkids Because They Openly Blame Him For Her Death,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Over 30,000 Have Signed A Petition Calling On The Oxford Dictionary To Change Its ‘Sexist’ Definition Of The Word ‘Woman’,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“New Mom Sparks Debate After Angering Her Boyfriend By Naming The Baby After Her Deceased Former Boyfriend,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Utah Jazz Star Mocks Coronavirus Fears By Touching Every Reporter’s Mic And Recorder After Interview, Tests Positive Just Two Days Later,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Teen Asks If She’s In The Wrong For Telling Her Irresponsible Mom That She’s The Reason She Doesn’t Want Kids,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Snaps At Fellow Bus Passenger After She’s Criticized For Saying She Won’t Be Having Any Children,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Billie Eilish Shared Video Of Herself Removing Her Shirt During Her Miami Concert In A Powerful Protest Against Body-Shaming,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Angers Her In-Laws After Calling Out Her Military Husband’s Abusive Behavior At His Funeral,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Instagram Influencer’s Birthday Party Leaves 3 Dead After Her Husband Dumps Dry Ice In Swimming Pool,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Mom Bans Her Mother-In-Law From Ever Seeing Her Young Son Again After She Derails His Potty Training With A Traumatizing Joke,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Woman Enraged After Her Parents Decided To Have Her Beloved Cat Put Down Without Telling Her,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Wendy Williams Sparks Debate After Mommy-Shaming Ashley Graham For Changing Her Baby’s Diaper On The Floor Of A Staples,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“New Mom Gets Into Massive Fight With Her Husband After Asking If He Can Change The Baby’s Diaper So She Can Have A Real Break,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Indiana Olive Garden Manager Fired After Complying With Couple’s Request That Their Server Not Be ‘Colored’,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Dad Covers Brilliantly After Accidentally Walking In On His Son Having Sex With His Girlfriend,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Mom Called Out After Telling Her Young Daughter It Was Fine To Exclude Boy In Her Class With Special Needs From Her Birthday Party,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Preschool Teacher Starts An Accidental ‘Feminist Uprising’ After Telling Little Boy He Shouldn’t Hit Girls Because Boys Are ‘Stronger’,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Brooklyn College Volleyball Players Called Out For ‘Anti-Semitism’ After Kneeling For Israeli National Anthem,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“YouTuber Hit With Backlash After Saying She ‘Beat’ Her 2-Year-Old Daughter For Ruining Some Makeup Palettes,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

“Oklahoma Christian University Recruiter Fired After Making Kids Line Up By Skin Color And ‘Nappiest’ Hair,” Comic Sands (March 2020): link

February 2020:

“Wisconsin Humane Society Raises Over $12,000 By Offering To Draw Hilarious ‘Masterpieces’ Of People’s Beloved Pets,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Dad’s Quick Explanation To His Curious 6-Year-Old Daughter About What The Word ‘Sexual’ Means Backfires Instantly,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Mom Asks If She’s In The Wrong For Not Wanting To Share Her Food With Her 4-Year-Old Daughter After A Rough Day,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Know-It-All Guy Gets Taught A Lesson In Vengeance After Calling Child Protective Services On Family Over A Petty Fight About Hot Dogs,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Oklahoma High School Announcer Kicked Out Halfway Through Basketball Game After Calling Opposing Players’ Names ‘Disgusting’,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Kim Kardashian Facing ‘Blackfishing’ Claims After Revealing That Her Makeup Routine Involves Darkening Her Hands,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Dad Mortified After His 3-Year-Old Daughter Unexpectedly Tells State Employee That He ‘Beats’ Her And Her Mom,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Hilary Duff Confronts Stranger For Taking Photos Of Her 7-Year-Old Son And Other Kids Playing Football,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“New Mom Frustrated After Her Husband Complains About Not Being ‘Understood’ About How Hard He Has It As A Dad,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Baby Gets Fitted For His Very First Hearing Device, And His Precious Reaction Is Lighting Up The Internet,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Man Reunited With NICU Nurse Who Cared For Him 30 Years Ago As A Preemie After He Realizes She’s Caring For His Preemie Son,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Child Actor From ‘Parasite’ Has Adorably Enthusiastic Reaction To His Film Winning The Oscar For Best Picture,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Woman Angers Her Dad After Reaching Out To His Former Mistress To Try To Understand The Affair That Destroyed Her Parents’ Marriage,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Third Grade Teacher Realizes Her Hilarious Blunder After Students All Think She Puts A Ton Of Booze In Her Coffee,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“2-Year-Old Boy In Wheelchair Left Awestruck After Seeing Ad In Target Featuring Another Boy ‘Like Him’,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Nurse Mortified After Unintentionally Coming On To Male Patient While Inserting Urinary Catheter,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Bank Awkwardly Tries To Explain Why Harriet Tubman Looks Like She’s Doing The ‘Wakanda Forever’ Salute On Their New Debit Car,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“101-Year-Old Man Told By Immigration Authorities That He’d Need His Parents To Confirm His Identity,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Woman Asks For Advice After Her Boyfriend Tells Her She’s Being Selfish For Not Spending Her Inheritance On Him,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Guy Apologizes For TikTok Video Of Man Slapping Endangered Seal In Hawaii After Backlash,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“ABC And The Oscars Slammed For Refusing To Air Realistic Commercial About Postpartum Life,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Pregnant Woman Goes Viral For Her ‘Mom Hack’ Of Bringing A Nerf Gun Into The Delivery Room,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Woman Wonders If She Was Too Harsh In Telling Door-to-Door Missionaries To ‘F*ck Off’ After They Woke Up Her Sleeping Baby,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Massachusetts Man Accidentally Kills Neighbor With Crossbow While Attempting To Save Him From Dog Attack,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Michael Douglas Pens Poignant Tribute To His Father, Kirk Douglas, After His Death At Age 103,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“The Internet Comes Through For Woman With Rare Disability Who Avoided Posting ‘Sexy’ Photos Because She Feared The Negative Comments,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Dad Didn’t Want His Son Feeling Alone For Having A Scar From Surgery As An Infant, So He Got A Tattoo Of One On His Own Chest,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Bridal Party Calls It Quits After Bride Kicks Out Gay Bridesmaid Last Minute To Supposedly Appease Her Homophobic In-Laws,” George Takei (February 2020): link

“Woman Left ‘Physically Sick’ After Finding Someone Else’s Period Blood On Her ‘Brand New’ ASOS Jumpsuit,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Joaquin Phoenix Slammed All-White BAFTAs For Their ‘Systemic Racism’ In Powerful Acceptance Speech,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

“Michigan Woman Hit With Deluge Of Body-Shaming Comments After Video Of Her Being Rescued From Frozen Lake Goes Viral,” Comic Sands (February 2020): link

January 2020:

“Nebraska Moviegoers Hospitalized After Theater Accidentally Mixes Cleaning Fluid Into Their Drinks,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s In The Wrong For Refusing To Be The Surrogate For Her Sister-In-Law Who Believes She ‘Owes Her’,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Veteran Literally Falls To The Ground When He Learns How Much His Old Watch Is Now Worth On ‘Antiques Roadshow’,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Mom Furious After Her Pregnant Daughter Ditches Her Own Baby Shower That She Never Wanted To Have In The First Place,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Guy Seeks Advice After His Wife Claims She Has Postpartum Depression And Needs To Take A Month-Long Vacation Away From Her Newborn Baby,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Michigan Football Coach Suspended After Praising Hitler For Being A ‘Great Leader’,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Woman Asks If She’s In The Wrong For Posting Complaint About Her Pregnancy After Friend Slams Her For Being Inconsiderate,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Food Market At Epicenter Of Deadly Coronavirus Outbreak Was Reportedly Selling Live Wolf Pups, Rats, Porcupines And More For Consumption,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Animal Shelter Makes Hilariously Brutal Facebook Post In Hopes Of Finding Home For ‘World’s Worst Cat’,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“A Country Radio Station Tweeted About Not Playing Songs By Women Back To Back—And Female Country Artists Sounded All The Way Off,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Recovering Alcoholic’s Wife Throws Out His Expensive Bottle Of Maple Syrup, And The Internet Is Understandably Divided,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Compassionate 10-Year-Old New York Boy Spends Every Weekend Reading To Homeless Dogs To Help Soothe Them,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Black Woman’s TikTok Makeup Video Highlights The Beauty Industry’s Diversity Issue,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Oregon Infant Miraculously Uninjured After Falling 8 Feet Into Home’s Heating Vent,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“California Man Charged With Homicide After Intentionally Ramming Car, Killing Three Teens,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Ticked Off Parent’s Accidental Foul Language In Front Of Toddler Backfires In A Hilarious Way,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Brad Pitt Adorably Stopped To Watch Jennifer Aniston’s Acceptance Speech Backstage At the SAG Awards,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Guy Boots His Mom From His Wife’s Hospital Room Over Her ‘Negative Attitude’ After Birth Of His Newborn Daughter,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“13-Year-Old Boy Brings Mourners To Tears With Powerful Speech About His Dad Who Was Killed In Iranian Plane Crash,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Former Florida ‘Patrol Officer Of The Year’ Reprimanded After Body Cam Video Shows Him Mocking Teen’s ‘Soft Hands’ During Arrest,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Wendy Williams Apologizes After Being Called Out For Mocking Joaquin Phoenix’s ‘Cleft Lip’,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Parents Outraged After Texas Teacher Includes Question About Rape On Homework Assignment,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Adam Sandler Says He’ll Make A Purposely Bad Movie Thanks To His Oscars Snub,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Woman Dumps Wine All Over Her Aunt’s Dress After Hearing Her Shame The Bride’s Gay Best Friend At A Family Wedding,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Viral Video Of Queen Elizabeth Driving Around In A Range Rover At 93 Has The Internet Shook,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Guy Spent Six Months Altering His Girlfriend’s Favorite Disney Movie Into An Incredible Marriage Proposal,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Lizzo Offers Powerful Message To Fans After Being Body-Shamed By Former ‘Biggest Loser’ Trainer Jillian Michaels,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Married Utah First Cousins Could Face Jail Time For Having A Baby Together,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Mom’s Foster Kitten Acts As Her ‘Lactation Assistant’ By Kneading Her Breasts In Viral Video,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Female Scientists And Professors Expertly Shut Down ‘Weather Expert”s Attempt To Mansplain Why They’re Wrong About Climate Change,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Texas Man Comes Clean After Odd Glitch In His Doorbell Cam Makes It Look Like He Was Abducted By Aliens,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Lizzo Announces That She’s Taking A Break From Twitter Because Of ‘Too Many Trolls’,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“A ‘Bachelor’ Contestant Brought Her Emotional Support Cow, And Fans Are Living For It,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link

“Conservative Podcaster Gets Epic History Lesson After Complaining About Women Fighting With Swords In ‘The Witcher’,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Oregon Woman Charged After Trying To Choke Muslim Woman With Her Own Hijab,” Percolately (January 2020): link

“DOE Official Booked Wisconsin Hotel Suite With Hot Tub For Sex With 14-Year-Old Boy, Officials Say,” Percolately (January 2020): link

“Robin Williams’s Daughter Gets Perfect Result When Using Instagram’s Randomized Disney Character Filter,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Ricki Lake Opens Up About Her Struggles With Hair Loss In Emotionally Candid Instagram Post,” George Takei (January 2020): link

“Remorseful Thief Returns Teen’s Ashes To Family After Stealing Bags Out Of Their Rental Car,” Percolately (January 2020): link

“Groom Allegedly Got Revenge On Cheating Bride By Playing Video Of Her Naked In Bed With Her Brother-In-Law At Their Wedding,” Comic Sands (January 2020): link


December 2019:

“Kansas Police Officer Resigns After Admitting To Writing ‘Pig’ On His McDonald’s Coffee Cup And Blaming It On Workers,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Alabama Cops Apologize After Backlash For Posing With ‘Homeless Quilt’ Made Out Of Signs They Took From Homeless People,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Delivery Driver Killed After Walking Into Virginia Denny’s During Armed Robbery,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Guy Makes Painful Error After Popping What He Thought Was A Pimple Next To His Ear,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Carrie Fisher’s Daughter Gives Some Poignant Advice For Everyone Grieving Over The Holidays,” George Takei (December 2019): link

“Guy Upsets Wife’s Family After Having His Identical Twin Brother Go To Their Christmas Eve Party To See If Anyone Would Notice,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Bizarre All-Out Brawl At New York Mall’s Beef Jerky Outlet Store On Christmas Eve Captured On Video,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Martin Scorsese’s Daughter Epically Trolled Him For Christmas, Proving Not All Heroes Wear Capes,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“North Carolina Paramedic Accused Of Murdering Wife With Eye Drops To Collect Life Insurance Payout,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Connecticut Firefighter Allegedly Set His Stolen SUV On Fire After It Was Recovered Because Minorities May Have Driven It,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“The FBI Is Now Investigating Former Republican Governor’s Slew Of Controversial Pardons Before He Left Office,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Oregon Woman Faces Hate Crime Charges After Dumping Soda On Food Worker And Telling Her To ‘Go Back To Mexico’,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Texas Teen Admits He Strangled His 8-Months-Pregnant Sister To Death Because She Was ‘An Embarrassment’ To The Family,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Philadelphia Man Wakes Up To Find Malnourished, Stray Dog In His Home After Accidentally Leaving His Front Door Open,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Video Shows California Deputy Slamming Man’s Head Into His Own Car After Mistakenly Suspecting Him Of Stealing It, Leading To Man’s Death,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“19-Year-Old Cat Abandoned At Airport Finds A New Home Just In Time For The Holidays,” George Takei (December 2019): link

“Passengers Capture Video As Two Carnival Cruise Ships Collide Off Coast Of Mexico, Injuring Six,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“SNL Did A Spot-On Spoof Of Kids’ Holiday Clothing Ads That Has Parents Relating Hard,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Climbing Toddler Gets Stuck In Las Vegas Skee-Ball Machine As His Parents Desperately Try To Get Him Out In Viral Video,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Armie Hammer Had A Hilariously Filthy Response To Zoë Kravitz’s Peach-Centric Impeachment Post,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Georgia Mom Arrested After Threatening To Shoot Her Son’s Bullies On Facebook Live,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Wisconsin Deputy Accused Of Scouring Obituaries So She Could Break Into Homes Of Funeral Attendees,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Chrissy Teigen Was None Too Pleased When Husband John Legend Invited ‘The Voice’ Cast Over For Dinner Unannounced,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Dad Refuses To Pay Wife’s Friend For Babysitting After She Won’t Paint A Family Portrait Of Them For Free,” George Takei (December 2019): link

“Georgia County Commissioner’s Wife Arrested After Pouring Soda On Reporter’s Head,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“NYC To Pay $625k To Mom Whose Toddler Was Ripped Out Of Her Arms By Police,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“New Mom Pens Powerful Post About Why People Should Think Twice Before Visiting Right After The Birth Of A Baby,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Michelle Obama Steps In To Offer Support To Greta Thunberg After Trump’s Mean-Spirited Comments,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Guy Hacks Into Ring Camera In 8-Year-Old Tennessee Girl’s Bedroom, Tells Her He’s ‘Santa Claus’,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“TLC Network Met With Swift Backlash After Announcing Reality Series About ‘Mixed-Weight’ Couples,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Yoga Teacher’s Comment Leaves Chrissy Teigen Nearly In Tears, And More Moms Need To Hear It,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Oregon Mom Arrested For Allegedly Hooking Up With 14-Year-Old Boy She Met On Snapchat,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Outrage Over Lizzo’s Revealing Dress Sparks Debate About Sizism And Body Type Double Standards,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Queer Women Confront Group of Intoxicated Men On Train For Their Sexist And Homophobic Language,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Church’s Nativity Scene Depicts Jesus, Mary, And Joseph As Detained Refugees In Cages,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Steve Harvey Was Involved In Yet Another Cringeworthy Flub At The Miss Universe Pageant,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“8-Year-Old Girl Left In Tears After Being Strip-Searched By Virginia Prison Officials When She Came To Visit Her Dad,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Doorbell Cam Catches Amazon Delivery Driver’s Elated Reaction After Woman Leaves Snacks Outside For Him,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Texas Dad Dies In ‘Freak Accident’ While Hanging Christmas Lights For Client,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“The Lights Eerily Went Out During A ‘Star Wars’ Panel After J.J. Abrams Mentioned Carrie Fisher,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Amy Schumer Trolled Her Personal Trainer By Getting A Lawyer To Send Her A Cease And Desist Letter,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Florida Special Education Teacher Arrested For Having Sex With Her Son’s 15-Year-Old Friend ‘Several Hundred Times’,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Brits In Viral Video Are Absolutely Floored By How Much Healthcare Costs In The U.S.,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Someone Filmed Their Cat Saying ‘Well Hi!’ With A Thick Southern Drawl, And It’s Everything,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Sia Went To Walmart Pretending To Be A Lottery Winner So She Could Pay For Strangers’ Groceries But Her Cover Was Blown,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“University Of Denver Investigating After Woman Tells Muslim Men ‘F–k Your Religion’ As They Pray In Computer Lab,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Anti-Vaxxers Are Getting Dragged After Requesting To Be Called ‘Vaccine Risk Aware’,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“12-Year-Old Boy Killed, Five Others Injured In Hit-And-Run Outside Of School,” Percolately (December 2019): link

“Woman Blocks Entrance To Manhattan Apartment Building, Calls Cops On Dad And His Kids For Trying To Visit Their Aunt,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Chrissy Teigen Had The Best Response After Someone Tried To Shade Her For Having ‘Chefs And Nannies’,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Amazon Removes ‘Insensitive’ Christmas Ornaments Featuring Images Of Auschwitz Following Backlash,” Comic Sands (December 2019): link

“Woman Dragged For Contemplating Breaking Up Her Happy Marriage After Running Into Guy She Danced With Once At A Club,” Percolately (December 2019): link

November 2019:

“Mister Rogers’s Widow Says That He Used To Fart To Make Her Laugh,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“New York Teen Arrested After Secretly Filming Sex In School Locker Room, Then Posting It Online,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Lizzo Asked Fans To Photoshop Her Tiny AMAs Purse To Look Huge, And They Delivered,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Pregnant Woman Mortified After Having A ‘Happy Ending’ During Her Pelvic Exam,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Oregon Dispatcher Praised After Woman Calls 911 To ‘Order a Pizza’ In Attempt To Get Help,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Woman In Hijab Steps In to Confront Anti-Semitic Man Ranting At Jewish Family On Subway,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Ellen Surprises Lesbian Couple After Family Refuses To Come To Their Wedding,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Dad Goes Viral After Ingenious ‘Breastfeeding’ Trick To Get His Baby To Drink Her Milk,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“14-Year-Old Illinois Boy Facing Hate Crime Charges Over ‘Slave For Sale’ Craigslist Post,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Several Wisconsin Football Players Suspended After Sharing Image Of Burning Cross On Snapchat,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Giant Baby Jesus Statue Goes Viral After People Realize It Looks Like Phil Collins,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Bride Upsets Her Parents After Starting Her Wedding Without Them When They Weren’t There On Time,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Guy’s Throwback Photo Goes Viral After People Realize He’s Sitting on Rosa Parks’ Lap,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“California Prosecutor Used His Own 13-Year-Old Daughter As Bait To Catch Man Who Allegedly Sexually Assaulted Her,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Elizabeth Banks Sparks Controversy After Defending ‘Charlie’s Angels’ Flopping At The Box Office,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“10-Year-Old Girl’s Lavish Christmas Wish List Leaves Her Dad In Disbelief But Also Kind Of Impressed,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Indiana Cop Immediately Fired After Video Of Him Harassing Black Mall Patrons For Looking ‘Suspicious’ Goes Viral,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Mom’s Attempt To Prepare 3-Year-Old Son For School Photos Goes Hilariously Awry,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Mo’Nique Files Lawsuit Against Neflix For Gender And Racial Discrimination,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Iowa Woman Poses As Teen Boy Online And Busts Her Predator Son-In-Law Trying To Meet Up For Sex,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Texas Couple Ordered To Take Down Christmas Decorations Because They Put Them Up ‘Too Early’,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Distracted Guy Has No Idea What Happened After Getting His Ice Cream Cone Stolen On Live Television,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“California School Employees Charged In Death Of 13-Year-Old Boy With Autism After He Was Physically Restrained,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Beluga Whale Playing Fetch In Cute Viral Video Confirmed To Be Alleged ‘Russian Spy Whale’,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Man Asks For Advice After Upsetting His Wife For Refusing To Visit The Grave Of Her Deceased First Husband,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Tense Video Shows American Airlines Plane Skidding Off Snowy Runway While Landing In Chicago,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Mommy Blogger Admits To Creating Fake Account To Trash Other Influencers, Including Her Own Husband,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Texas Substitute Teacher Fired And Charged After Being Filmed Beating Student And Stomping On Her Head,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“‘Harry Potter’ Star Matthew Lewis Has Ultimate Retort After Tom Felton Posts Photo Standing Next To His Younger Self,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Enthusiastic ‘Cheer Dad’ Goes Viral For Doing Daughter’s Cheerleader Moves In Stands As She Performs,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“‘Jeopardy!’ Champ James Holzhauer Expertly Trolls Conspiracy Theorists During Tournament Of Champions,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Parents Receive Onslaught Of Hate From Anti-Vaxxers For Promoting Walgreens Flu Shots,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Tennessee News Anchor Slams Stranger Who Told Her She Looks ‘Mighty Big’ On TV,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“Delta Investigating After Olivia Wilde Slams Airline For Editing ‘Female Sexuality’ Out Of ‘Booksmart’,” Percolately (November 2019): link

“News Anchors Totally Lose It When Meteorologist Prances Onto Set Dressed As A Unicorn,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

“Police Don’t Owe Anything To Colorado Man Whose House They Blew Up, Court Rules,” Comic Sands (November 2019): link

October 2019:

“Cause Of Man’s Chronic Sinus Infections Turns Out To Be Drugs He Tried To Smuggle In His Nose 18 Years Earlier,” Percolately (October 2019): link

“Woman Rips Her Husband A New One For Riding Her Bike Around Their Neighborhood Dressed As Michael Myers,” Comic Sands (October 2019—Happy Halloween!): link

“Teacher Becomes Internet Hero After Leading Students In Epic ‘Thriller’ Dance Down School Hallway,” Comic Sands (October 2019—Happy Halloween!): link

“Woman Who Texted Her Dad Every Day For 4 Years After His Death Gets Unexpected, Emotional Response From Stranger,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Kristen Bell Spills The Beans About Her ‘Dishonest’ Parenting Trick For Dealing With Her Kids’ Halloween Candy,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Astros Fire Assistant GM After He Taunted Female Reporters With Comments About Domestic Abuser,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Muslim Ohio Teen Left ‘Humiliated’ After Being Disqualified From Race For Wearing Hijab,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Christian School Theatre Teacher Fired For Being Gay Has Powerful Message For Her Former Students,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Kelly Ripa Called Out After Claiming Her Son Is Living In ‘Extreme Poverty’ In Brooklyn,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Nurse’s Twin Sister Pays Powerful Tribute To Nurses Everywhere With Emotional Facebook Post,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Illinois Prison Guards Used Private Facebook Groups To Mock Transgender Inmates, Watchdog Group Finds,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Muslim Youth Coach Gets Racist Text Message From Parent ‘Uncomfortable’ With Him Coaching,” Percolately (October 2019): link

“13-Year-Old Kansas Girl Charged With Felony After Pointing Finger Gun At Her Classmates,” Percolately (October 2019): link

“Pennsylvania Family Suing After Police Arrest Them For Loitering Outside Their Own Home,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Bride-To-Be Left Fuming After Friend Steals Her ‘Dream Wedding Dress’ For Her Own Wedding,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“MSNBC Correspondent Adorably Interrupted By Her Son Coming To Say Hi During Live Report,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Woman On Virgin Atlantic Flight Receives Onslaught Of Sexually Inappropriate In-Flight Messages From Male Passengers,” Percolately (October 2019): link

“Authorities Baffled After Woman Somehow Boards Delta Flight Without ID Or Boarding Pass,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Pro-Trump Group Admits To Staging Bizarre ‘Eat The Babies’ Moment At AOC Town Hall,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

“Police On The Hunt For Woman Who Climbed In Bronx Zoo Enclosure To Taunt Lion,” and “Woman Who Climbed Into Bronx Zoo Enclosure To Taunt Lion Identified,” Comic Sands (October 2019): link

September 2019:

“Family Sues Best Buy After Delivery Man Beat 75-Year-Old Florida Customer And Set Her On Fire,” Percolately (September 2019): link

“Controversial Podcaster Not Sorry For Suggesting That Cheaper Movie Theaters Are More Likely To Be Shot Up,” Percolately (September 2019): link

“Body Of Student Who Died In His Dorm Room Wasn’t Found For Almost Two Months,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Florida Eighth Grader Arrested After Threatening To Kill Minorities In Group Chat Because ‘White Lives Matter,'” Percolately (September 2019): link

“Devasted Woman Pays Tribute To Her Boyfriend After He Drowns While Proposing To Her Underwater,” Percolately (September 2019): link

“9-Year-Old Genius Fills Old Lip Balm Tube With Cheese So She Can Snack On It During Class,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“North Carolina Sheriff Charged In Alleged Murder Plot To Keep Deputy From Releasing Racist Recording,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Police Arrest Suspected Florida Serial Killer After DNA Links Him To Four Unsolved Murders,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Ohio Daycare Workers Charged After Teacher Sits By As Aide And Students Abuse 5-Year-Old Girl,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Disabled Writer Goes Viral After Combating Online Trolls’ Mean Comments With Cheerful Selfies,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Dad Overwhelmed With Messages From Strangers After His Sentimental Instagram Tribute To His Sons Goes Viral,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

“Map Showing The Average Cost Of Going On A Date In Each U.S. State Has People Doing A Double-Take,” Comic Sands (September 2019): link

May 2019:

“Purple Heart And Bronze Star Awarded To Riley Howell, The Hero College Student Who Died Tackling A Mass Shooter,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“Photographer’s Book Challenges Racist Sexual Stereotypes About Asian Men,” George Takei (May 2019): link

“Fans Were Wondering Why Aladdin Is So Fully Dressed In The Remake—And The Movie’s Costume Designer Just Responded,” George Takei (May 2019): link

“Prince George Was Asked To Rate His Mom’s New Garden—And His Response Is So Pure,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

Sesame Street Just Introduced A New Muppet Character Who Lives In Foster Care,” George Takei (May 2019): link

“These Pictures and Videos of Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis Playing In A Garden Are A Total Delight,” George Takei (May 2019): link

“New York Just Introduced A New Bill To Make Texting While Walking Illegal,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“Police Investigate Lawyer Who Heartlessly Pushed A Raccoon Into The Ocean 20 Miles Offshore,” Percolately (May 2019): link

“After Trans Military Ban, Trump Has A Surprising Response To Pete Buttigieg’s Same-Sex Marriage,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“You Can Soon Use Your Vacation Days To Pay Off Your Student Debt—Here’s How,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“A New Hampshire Lunchroom Employee Was Fired For Giving Free Food To A Student Who Couldn’t Pay,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“Bruce Willis Got Booed By Unimpressed Phillies Fans After His Cringe-Worthy First Pitch,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“The Addition Of A Secret ‘Adversity Score’ To The SATs Has Ignited A Debate About Race And Class In College Admissions,” George Takei (May 2019): link

“16-Year-Old Girl Kills Herself After Polling Instagram To Vote For Life Or Death,” Percolately (May 2019): link

‘The Intense, Star-Studded Trailer for Black Mirror Season 5 Just Dropped, And Fans Are Living For It,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link

“People Are Sharing Their Most Hilarious and Cringe-Worthy #PromFails, And Oof.,” Comic Sands (May 2019): link