Poetry & Bylines

Thank you to the following publications, editors, and judges who recognized my work.

The pieces have been sorted into categories and are in chronological order, starting with the most recently published.

Book Reviews:

On K. Arsenault Rivera’s The Phoenix Empress, BookPage (December 2018)

On Tracey Knapp’s Mouth: “‘Look Where That Has Gotten Me’: The Potential Self-Awareness & Honesty of Poetry: Reading Tracey Knapp’s Mouth,The Rumpus (2015)

On Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom: “We Could Do Better, You and I: Ecology, Design and Poetry: Reading Betsy Andrews’ The Bottom,” The Rumpus (2015)

For a more complete list of all the book reviews and author interviews I’ve conducted, you can view them here, for a more comprehensive look at the genres I’ve covered.

Creative Features:

Where I Create/Write,” Rogue Agent 8 (2015), in which I provide a snapshot of my writing life and its whereabouts.


On Digital Marketing, Social Media, and Freelance Writing:

Running Out of Ideas? Here’s How to Uncover Topics Related to Your Passion,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (August 2018)

How to Include SEO While Keeping Your Writer’s Brain Happy: Avoiding ‘Dumbing Down’ Your Writing Style While Accommodating SEO,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (July 2018)

Get Your Work Out There Like a Persistent Facebook Advertisement: How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Writing,” Initium: How Writerpreneurs Think! on Medium (July 2018)

On Environmentalism:

Watch Shark Week for Fun. Do These Five Things to Make a Difference.,” Medium (July 2018)

On Mental Health:

What We Should Learn from This Employer’s Response to a Worker’s Mental Health Day,” Motherly (July 2017)

On Music:

Songs in the Mirror,” Memoir Mixtapes (July 2018)

On Sports:

What Coming in 2nd Means to Croatia: The Wild and Heart-Warming Receipt of Their Finals-Placing Team Said More about Croatian Heart than Winning Ever Could.,Medium (July 2018)


Timetable,” Rogue Agent (February 2017)

“My Dream Post-Election Day,” re-published, Speak Michiana (February 2017)

My Dream Post-Election Day,” Thank You for Swallowing (January 2017)

Caterpillars,” All We Can Hold (May 2016), online archive pre-anthology

Gunshots and Fireworks are Sort of the Same in the End.,” The Birds We Piled Loosely, 6 (January 2016)

You Fill another Page,” The Birds We Piled Loosely, 6 (January 2016)

“Where the Antelope Do Not Have Ears,” Emerge Literary Journal, (December 2015), print

“Before I Turned Away, the Evidence was Exposed.,” Emerge Literary Journal, (December 2015), print

Domesticity,” The James Franco Review, 5 (December 2015)

Babysitting: The Crisis,” The James Franco Review, 5 (December 2015)

Excavation,” New Mexico Review, 2 (December 2015)

Passing through My Neighbor’s Backyard,” New Mexico Review, 2 (December 2015)

Shopping for T-Rex,” Whale Road Review, 1 (December 2015)

The Healer,” The Spooklet #5 (October 2015)

Memory Stone,” Rogue Agent, 7 (September 2015)

Undress,” Thank You for Swallowing (September 2015)

“For My Doppelgänger,” Encore Magazine (June 2015), print

“Visiting Rights,” Analecta (2012), print

“Lost & Found,” Analecta (2011), print

The Underside of Trees,” Sleet Magazine, 2.1 (2010), as “McKenzie Lynn Sanders”

Poetry Notes:

“For My Doppelgänger” first appeared as a part of the Second Sight/Insight II exhibition at the Kalamazoo Institute of the Arts (KIA), alongside Flo Hatcher’s lithograph, Box with a Sky Window. Displayed January 2015—May 2015 before being picked up and published by Encore Magazine.

My chapbook (or chapbook-length poem), Dear Earth / There Are Birds, received an Honorable Mention for the 2014 Celery City Chapbook Contest in Michigan. I was also invited to read excerpts from the collection in Spring 2015. November 2014.

“Domesticity” received an Honorable Mention at the 2014 Western Michigan University Creative Writing Contest, in the graduate level division of poetry, judged by poet Adam Clay. March 2014. Here are the comments Clay offered for the poem: “In ‘Domesticity’ the poem’s violence is wrapped in surreal images that take on a life all their own, with ‘teeth [as] white scarecrows / after too many fights’ and ‘knives…charading / in children’s clothes.’ Perhaps what makes this poem even more compelling is what’s left unsaid, the violence that even language cannot understand.” There is also a short piece in the Western Herald about the Awards Ceremony, here.

“Lost & Found” was published in the in-house publication, Analecta, and received an Honorable Mention. January 2011.