Publishing & Marketing Strategy

As a editor for two literary presses, and multiple literary magazines, part of my job was to collaborate with our authors—to conduct interviews, plan readings and other events, and keep in touch about follow-up publications. I always wanted to be more involved in the actual marketing of the authors’ books, however: posting about them on the author’s website, building a social media and LinkedIn presence; I knew, if given the opportunity, I could improve audience engagement, book sales, and event attendance. And finally, the opportunity came: I’ve assisted multiple authors in self-publishing their books on Amazon and KDP, and the results have been fantastic (the books are published, and their fan bases are growing!). I also worked with an author of psychological texts and built up her entire online presence. From an author page to individual book pages, to a website, to additional social media platform developments, I was able to improve her connections online and boost her book sales. And the bonus?—I was able to book her out for speaking opportunities at psychology conferences, as well as a brief book tour. I would love to be able to provide the same for you!