Copywriting and Content Creation

What I Offer

Copywriting and Ghostwriting

Direct-Response Copywriting

Content Creation for Social Media, Blogs, and LinkedIn

Contributing Writer and Editor

Everything Book-Related, Ever

What You’re Guaranteed

Clean Copy and Met Deadlines

Accurate Information based on Scholarly / Authoritative Sources, Primary Sources, and Interviews

SEO-Optimization and Eye-Catching Headlines

An Engaging, Conversational Voice that Matches Your Brand (and Makes Your MLM Stand Out from the Pack!)

New Ideas and Approaches to Improve Your Reach and Content Quality

A Committed, Fun, Innovative, and Energetic New Team Member

Favorite Topics

Books, TV / Film, Music (Entertainment in General!)

Parenting, Positive Parenting, Motherhood, Schooling

Health, Wellness, Migraines, Mental Wellness, Depression, Anxiety, Gaslighting

Fitness, Yoga, Meditation, Walking / Running, Cardio, HIIT

Freelance Writer, Digital Marketing, Career, Business

Animals, Pets, Animal Rights, Nature

Women and Career, Independent and Successful Women, WAHM, SAHM

Travel, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Language Study


Copywriting and Ghostwriting

Emails, Press Releases, Event Flyers, and other marketing materials

Beachbody, Prüvit, Juice Plus, Usborne Books

Content-Providing Sites Equivalent to UpWork

Romance Novel Writer

Content Creation for Social Media, Blogs, and LinkedIn

Beachbody, Prüvit, Juice Plus, Usborne Books

Write around the Bend (WRB) and Lit Shark: An Eco-Poetic Journal

Ravenwood Inspired

Psychoanalytic Reflections on Parenting Teens and Young Adults: Book Page

IUSB Department of English

New Issues Poetry and Prose

42 Miles Press

Contributing Writer

Comic Sands


George Takei

Stream Queens


Meet That Deadline

The Queen of Style


Everything Book-Related, Ever

Author Interviews: The Rumpus

Book Reviews: The Rumpus, BookPage, Goodreads

Essays on Books / Cultural Relevance: forthcoming

Literary Criticism: samples available

Teaching Materials: samples available

Study Guides: Super Summary, BookRags

Additional Publications

You can view the rest of my Portfolio here, including bylines, poetry, and other projects.