Book Strategy: Everything You Need to Create, Publish, and Market Beautiful Books

I provide everything you need, from A to Z, to help you write regularly, get you noticed by the readers who will love your work the most, and turn you into the writer you’ve dreamed of being since you first read your favorite author.

Editing Opportunities: Fine-Tune Your Work to Impress

Interview Documents: Align Your Portfolio To Get the Job or Career You Want Most

Whether your resume needs a face-lift, your cover letter is from five years ago, or you haven’t really jumped on the LinkedIn train yet—I’m ready to assist you in creating the documents you need to get you noticed, keep you confident during that interview, and get you hired.

Social Media: Stand Out, Grow, and Succeed



Lisa says,

“I first became acquainted with Ms. Tozan through her evocative poetry. Her character is sterling, and her work ethic is strong. I hope to work directly with her in the near future, and heartily encourage others to do the same.”

Mark says,

“As the owner and sole employee of a small business, there is never any shortage of things that need my attention – often more things than there are hours in the day. That was the case recently, when I desperately needed to prepare some content for a new website, but simply had no time. I needed help. I’ve known McKenzie for a long time, but I’d never asked her to do any writing for me. I was confident that she could do a good job – but I didn’t expect anything as good as what she actually produced! I thought that I would have to spend an hour or two explaining my business, products, and methods to her, but no. She scoured my Facebook and Instagram feeds and gathered all the information that I would have given her, and then some, and in less time than I thought it would take to impart my info to her, she returned first drafts to me! We made a few minor adjustments, and she returned those updated versions just as quickly. I will certainly use her services again, and I can recommend her without reservation. Let her help you – you won’t regret it!”

Melanie says,

“I find myself admiring McKenzie’s work ethic, passion, and turn-around windows, every time we work together.”

Belinda says,

“Whether it was the beginning of our relationship, when she created beautifully accurate transcriptions for me, or now when she knows me, my passions and my voice, and writes practically everything for me (except this!), McKenzie has never let me down. She takes my ideas, and puts something down on the page that I never even imagined.”