As a lot of you know, I became an expat nearly a year and a half ago now (November 2020). That’s right, I not only moved countries, but I did it with three kids during “the panini.” It was an incredible, stressful, scary, memorable move, but I’ve really enjoyed it, and I am so happy we did this for our family.

However, one unfortunate truth I’ve discovered is how removed Croatia technically is from the rest of the world. It’s truly one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been, but most people never think of it as a place to visit or vacation. I want to help Croatia get on the map for the rest of the world: for its beautiful locations, historical and mythological landmarks, talented people, and incredible businesses.

Some Fun Facts:

Did you know where the vampire myth originated? It wasn’t Romania. It was Istria, in Croatia. (There’s a book coming out that I’m featured in where I talk about this, actually!)

Did you know Croatia also has a colosseum? The Pula Colosseum in Pula, Croatia is a Roman Amphitheatre that can be seen and walked through, just like the famous one in Rome. Bonus points: It’s in much better shape and has more to see than the one in Rome! (Not to mention all of the castles.)

And there is so much more to learn.

Croatia is truly so beautiful. You just have to know where to look.

I want to share Croatia with the world.

Just imagine—Would you have ever known about these facts or these beautiful locations if I hadn’t mentioned them here? (Probably not, because I didn’t.)

I’m now seeking clients specifically in Croatia who are looking for more exposure: small businesses who need more customers, entrepreneurs and creatives who need more exposure/sales of their products, and locations seeking more bookings, or products seeking descriptions and reviews.

***Rates will be negotiated based on the client, their product, and their needs of service. I want this opportunity to be as accessible as possible.***


COPYWRITING: I will write product or item descriptions for you, as well as website copy, landing pages, etc. We can also discuss repurposing content for social media and more.

PHOTOGRAPHY: I will create and edit photography for you of your place of business, products, location, or professional headshots of you.

REVIEWS AND INTERVIEWS: I will review your location, business, or product from a consumer’s standpoint. I also love writing reviews of artistic products (books, independent films, paintings, and more). I am also happy to conduct interviews with you about your personal story and more. We can also discuss sponsorships or affiliates to add on.

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT: I will create social media business pages, create or curate content, assist in audience engagement, content optimization, etc. We can also add on photography, sponsorships, and more.

SPONSORSHIP OR AFFILIATE: I will represent your business, product(s), or location(s) as a consumer, writing an honest review of my experience and how I enjoyed it. Images can also be included, as well as social media posts or blog posts. If we negotiate a sponsorship together, I will create an agreed-upon amount of blog or social media posts with a flat fee for posting. If we negotiate an affiliate partnership, I will create an agreed-upon amount of blog or social media posts, and my compensation will be generated from link clinks and item sales/bookings/etc.

*I understand some potential clients may be concerned about communicating, as Croatian is not my primary or native language. But don’t let this stop you from receiving representation! I am in the process of learning and mastering Croatian (and I hope, eventually, neighboring languages, as well). We can use translating tools, but my husband, Dragan, is a native, fluent speaker of Croatian. He can help me translate materials, and he can also take part in our meetings to help us translate.

Current and Past Clients

Small Business – Grl’ca – Photography, Social Media, and Copywriting

Small Business – Tra-Ver-Sa: Handmade with Love – Photography and Social Media

Small Business – Blue Sheep: Handmade – Photography, Social Media, and Reviews/Interviews

Writer – Martina Frka Milotic – Book Reviews/Interviews, Photography, and Social Media


If you’re interested in working together or learning more, I am currently accepting clients. You can reach me via the Connect page and can expect a response within 24 hours.