After the couple of years we’ve had (ugg, right?), writers, creatives, and small businesses and boutiques need more help than ever in regards to exposure, reviews, and finding their ideal customers, clients, and fans. Continue reading if you’re potentially interested in sponsored blog/social media posts, affiliate links included in my blog/social media posts, or product reviews!

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Founded: February 2011

Blog Subscribers: 3,000

Facebook Followers: 1,500

Instagram Followers: 350 Followers

Medium Followers: 126 Followers

Twitter Followers: 2,000

Page Views Per Month: 4,000

Unique Visitors Per Month: 2,500

Total Page Views (All-Time): 47,288 (dramatically, excitedly on the rise!)

*Last Updated: February 2022—Happy 11th Blog Birthday!

Small but Mighty…

My 7,000+ followers are enthusiastic, artistic, bookish, and supportive people, complete with book lovers, nature lovers, writers, and artists. They especially love my poems and writing prompts, my Poem of the Day feature, and my reviews and interviews; and they’ve always been incredibly supportive of my own writing adventure and accomplishments.

I feel incredibly loved by them and would love to share more of the products I’m enjoying that I believe they would benefit from, as well. In addition to following along on social media, I know my audience is also regularly involved on Etsy and other online boutiques, they are beautifully supportive of small businesses and entrepreneurs, and they’re typically open to scrolling through Amazon, too.

I am confident my readers would love to see my book-product-related content, as well as products that would benefit my reading-loving children.


If you’re interested in working together or learning more, I am currently accepting clients. You can reach me via the Connect page and can expect a response within 24 hours.

What I’m Looking For:

Books in My Current Genres (my reviews archive is here)

Children’s Books that I Could Share with My Kiddos

Books to Teach Me Something Hands-On (like this Harry Potter Knitting Pattern Book)

Beauty (Makeup, Jewelry, Bags I Could Carry a Book In!)

Family- and Mama-Friendly Products

Literary/Language Arts Education Products and Toys to Share with My Kids

Stationery Products

Art Supplies, etc.