Bees & Honey

by | Jan 29, 2014 | Blog, My Poems


It is spring, and what you expected
of its beauty has not yet

arrived. Things are still a little too dead
to wake up & break open. Soon the flowers

will act like small, color-blown cups
for the insects and the rain.

A.R. Ammons steps out into
the great open and says,

“I am extremely beautiful.”

Don’t worry so much about the rain and
whether or not there will be dew

the next morning. In the end, there is always rain—
somewhere—in the end, there will always be dew

to fall and cup over your cheek. Whether these
are tears, of sadness or joy, or dew, will not

matter. Your child will be extremely
beautiful. Life is everywhere.

The bees are calming down.