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Contact Me

To Inquire about a Book Review, please connect with me via the contact form above, or send me an email. Please read the following, so I can best serve you and your book.

  • Anything you can share with me about yourself, your writing/publishing history, and why this book is important to you will be helpful.
  • Let me know if you have a wish list of publications where you would like to see your book reviewed; I can try to place mine there!
  • Please let me know up-front if you are interested in a book review, an author interview, or for your work to be considered for my Poem of the Day feature.
  • If you have a limited number of ARCs available (digital or physical), please email me about availability FIRST so you can get your early copies of your book into the best hands.
  • I am a US citizen now based in Croatia. I still prefer physical copies, but I do understand with shipping times and costs that this may not be a realistic accommodation for you, in which case I am always happy to receive a digital arc.
  • Any other materials you can send me, like a PDF of the book’s cover, your author photo, and/or a press release or early buzz about the book is also helpful! I might incorporate some of this into my book review, or else I can use it when encouraging people to read the review on social media!
  • Whenever possible, I will place my reviews with a publication (i.e., The Rumpus or Green Mountains Review), but please understand this would be on a submission basis and would not be guaranteed placement. Whether or not the submission works out, you can expect to see your review in the following places: my website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, The Bookish Weekend on Medium, and possibly TikTok (Booktok).

What Else Am I Looking For? Here are some of my own wish list items!

  • I’m always looking for more opportunities to review and write commentary on books, TV shows, and movies. I love talking about books, writing craft, and the publishing industry, as well as TV shows and movies. And, most importantly, I’m always looking to review more diverse works and authors—BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and Disabled alike (I identify as Disabled, a member of the LGBTQ+ community, and a BIPOC ally).
  • I’m interested in taking on more script-writing projects this year: podcasts, TV shows, and commercials. I’m especially interested in work related to educating children on unique topics (such as coding for girls, ballet for boys, etc.), personal development, and mental health.
  • I enjoy volunteer work and outreach! I’ve held multiple grant writing positions for programs raising money for families in need around the holidays; I’ve helped write grants for the launch of new literary publications; and I’ve assisted in creative writing workshops for adults AND children struggling with trauma, addiction, and mental health (I used creative writing as a form of expression, reflection, and healing).