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  • see what subjects I’m especially interested in


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You can reach me via email or follow me on these social media channels: 

To Inquire about a Book Review, please connect with me via the contact form above, or send me an email. Please read the following, so I can best serve you and your book.

  • Anything you can share with me about yourself, your writing/publishing history, and why this book is important to you will be helpful. 
  • Let me know if you have a wish list of publications where you would like to see your book reviewed; I can try to place mine there!
  • Please let me know up-front if you are interested in a book review, an author interview, a Saturday Spotlight, or for your work to be considered for my Poem of the Day or Favorite Fiction Friday features.
  • If you have a limited number of ARCs available (digital or physical), please email me about availability FIRST so you can get your early copies of your book into the best hands.
  • I am a US citizen now based in Croatia. I still prefer physical copies, but I do understand with shipping times and costs that this may not be a realistic accommodation for you, in which case I am always happy to receive a digital arc. 
  • Any other materials you can send me, like a PDF of the book’s cover, your author photo, and/or a press release or early buzz about the book is also helpful! I might incorporate some of this into my book review, or else I can use it when encouraging people to read the review on social media!
  • Whenever possible, I will place my reviews with a publication (i.e., The Rumpus or Green Mountains Review), but please understand this would be on a submission basis and would not be guaranteed placement. Whether or not the submission works out, you can expect to see your review in the following places: my website, Goodreads, Amazon, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, The Bookish Weekend on Medium, and possibly TikTok (Booktok).

What Else Am I Looking For? Here are some of my own wish list items!

  • I’m always looking for more opportunities to review and write commentary on books, TV shows, and movies. One of my work-related bucket list items is to hold a permanent position as an entertainment writer or book reviewer at an unapologetically geeked-out publication.
  • I’m interested in taking on more script-writing projects this year: podcasts, TV shows, and commercials. I’m especially interested in work related to educating children on unique topics (such as coding for girls, ballet for boys, etc.), personal development, and mental health.
  • I enjoy volunteer work and outreach! I’ve held multiple grant writing positions for programs raising money for families in need around the holidays; I’ve helped write grants for the launch of new literary publications; and I’ve assisted in creative writing workshops for adults AND children struggling with trauma, addiction, and mental health (I used creative writing as a form of expression, reflection, and healing).