Gray Wolf

by | Nov 12, 2013 | Blog, My Poems, My Writing Challenges


The myth begins with gray fur
and yellow-moon eyes.

The teeth. First, there are whispered
sightings, dismissed

into the neighboring water.


Next, the discovery
of cattle bones, picked clean,

the bodies having disappeared
days before. The farmers are not pleased.

What they are doing is
unacceptable, they say,



Then, the massacre: the story to begin
the hunt that will end

all hunts. It is reported
the children in the classroom

didn’t have a chance, the room a series
of red walls, the windows

a private-viewing chamber. Somehow,
the wolf was trapped inside,

able to feed.


The production of guns.


The problem that appears
to neighboring towns is this:

later that day, all the little feet
and backpacks

made it home. Not a drop of blood
was found. And yet—

the anthropomorphic need
to hunt continues:

it feeds.



on the current issue of potential Gray Wolf hunting in the upper-peninsula of Michigan, via the Kalamazoo Gazette