In Midnight Orchards

by | Nov 16, 2011 | Blog, My Poems

In Midnight Orchards

                        for Dragan, these haikus and lines

The sunset falls like
             gold over water: softly,

before the white horse envelops the sky.

Then, there is the moon—
            followed by the apple trees.
Your dreams, long and dark

—like seamless flowers—and later, the wind

in your hands. My skin
              converts to something like silk
and polymerase.

My eyes open new,
            open soft, like unicorn
feathers and mane, to

see the seeking ex-
            pression on your skin, the light
all around your lips—

small stars and moons that collect and return,

and then, sometime in
              the morning comes the news: I
wrote you a poem—

the blur of sudden
            fog all over dawn, and more
birds (like cloud and sky).  

To remember our collection of daisies,

the white all over the stars.