New Poem Tonight: “Nightlight, a celebration”

by | Aug 3, 2019 | Blog, My Poems

NIGHTLIGHT, a celebration

3:30 am—brother born, & the air in the house shifts 
like a pedaled drum. I touch his hair, 

his skin, & remember your similar textures, 
the softness. How your eyes, like his, looked to me

in adoration—looked to me & saw Mother, 
First Love, Captain of this ship sailing somewhere

into the sea. How things have changed 
as you’ve grown—how things will change 

for him. In the dark, I hold you, sleeping & close, & 
breathe you in. 

You are the growing cotton in the field. The seed
& the earth. The rock, the bed, the snow. 

You are the fire in the man-groves.