Tuesday Motivation: How Can We Keep a “Manifest Mindset” in the World of Freelance?

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Blog

Happy Tuesday, friends! I hope you had a wonderful weekend, and a good jumpstart on Monday for the new week!

I’ve been asked why I save my Motivation posts for Tuesdays—however few and far-between they’ve been—and my answer is pretty simple. I’ve always seen Monday as the sort of “getting into the groove” day: deciding exactly what you want to do with your week, catching up on what you left behind on Friday, confronting problems that may have introduced themselves over the weekend. Monday is really about progress. It’s about repair and rhythm.

Tuesday, for me, is where it’s at: I make a point of doing something on Tuesday mornings that really gives me that motivation and jumpstart I need to make the rest of my week successful. And every week, that looks a little different. Sometimes, all I need is a cup of coffee or a nice walk; other weeks, I need to watch my favorite movie or listen to a podcast to get my mind in the right place.

But by Tuesday afternoon, I feel good, because I’ve checked a few items off of my to-do list for the week, and I know I’m heading in the right direction. So I like to check in with my writing family and friends in the afternoon on Tuesdays, to see if you’re heading in the direction you need for the week.

So, where are you? Are you happy with what you’ve accomplished so far this week?

If not, what can you do with the rest of your Tuesday to reset your week?

I’ve discussed with many writers the struggles they’re facing in their work, and one of the leading issues I’m seeing is the belief that there isn’t enough work to go around. And this belief doesn’t appear to be exclusive: I’ve spoken to freelance writers and creative writers who feel this way.

Which brings me to the manifest mindset, or manifestation.

(Give me a chance to explain; I promise not to get all “woo woo” on you by suggesting you put your thoughts out into the universe and wait.)

I haven’t really bought into the idea that, if we put an idea out into the universe and wait patiently, that the sum of our thoughts will eventually appear to us. That suggests complacency to me, and becoming complacent is the last thing I want.

Rather, what I think can be true is that there are opportunities for everyone, if they’re prepared to work hard for them.

Statistically, there are more than enough jobs for freelance writers; it’s just a matter of finding work in your niche and pricing bracket to suit you. Also, in the next ten years, freelance or remote positions are expected to become the primary mode of employment, as more and more businesses move from the tradition brick-and-mortar to nomad-style. (AKA: Going freelance now is actually preparing you for the new employment horizon of the future.)

I’m not suggesting it will be easy. But I am saying it’s possible for you if this is a lifestyle you want.

Know what you have to offer. Know which niche you’re most passionate and knowledgeable about. Then look for other freelancers who feel the same way, as well as businesses and organizations in those niches who could need a writer like you, and start talking. You don’t need to always be selling yourself. You don’t always need to point out what you’re good at. You just need to introduce yourself and get to know these businesses as more than businesses: they are a collection of people with personal needs.

I think real manifestation is about connecting, not waiting. Sometimes that means connecting to new people, and sometimes that means connecting yourself to something else: more knowledge, a new skill, a leader in your industry’s business model. This work leads to opportunities, which can lead to the goals that you set for yourself.

The only door you need to close is the door that says, “That person said ‘no’ to you, which means you’re going to receive a ‘no’ from everyone forever.” When you receive a ‘no,’ there was a reason behind it that will lead you on to the next opportunity. We’re all human, we’re learning, and we’ll do better next time. That’s true for you, too.

I hope everyone reading this will find a way to connect themselves to something new this week: a new person, a new skill, etc. Open yourself up to those opportunities, and think about how they could carry you one step closer to the goals you have.

Those goals may not be as far away as you think.

If you have questions, I’m always happy to discuss. Feel free to connect with me this week, and we can discuss coaching and collaboration.

Best of Luck, and Happy Tuesday!